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Wish FC Button Flash Tempo - not just Tap Tempo button


Wish - setting to allow Pulse/Flash ring light to Tempo on any FC button (without Tap Tempo assigned)

So had a thought and came to see if anyone else had suggested - don't see it in search, means I am prob the only one who would like it so maybe a useless wish...

Ex. - I am setting tempo on each song by Midi and never use Tap Tempo button - but I like to see the ring flash at tempo, esp on songs that I start. So I have Tap Tempo assigned to a FC12 button just for the flash. In my setup, I always have one button assigned to my "Boost" function, so if that ring light could pulse/flash at Tempo it would free up one of my buttons for better use, and visually 'target' my Boost function button at the same time. I assume it would be an off/on flash, so a bypassed block would flash at lower intensity.. seems fine to me.

Could also be used to 'target' any specific button(s) on a layout/preset override - ie - on this song and layout, here is the most important button(s) to hit at the right time... flash, flash, flash

Had originally posted this under FC section, made more sense to put it here... sorry for the double
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