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FC 6 - broken screen


Anyone else experienced a similar situation to this? I got a FC6 back in the summer and just been using it occasionally in my studio. At some point the display screen got damaged but for the life of me I can't remember any incident that would of caused it. I guess I must have stepped on it or something but there's no other marks or scratches. Surprised this happened given it has been in a protected environment. I had a MFC that I beat to death gigging that never had this happen with, feeling a little hesitant now to bring the FC6 out gigging. Guess it's just bad luck, and unfortunately it's not a repair covered under warranty.


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hmm, it does appear something fell on it crushing the LCD crystals or whatever that is. have you contacted support yet? sounds like maybe you did. sorry this happened.

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Bad luck I think. Looks like something must have whacked it. I had a (non-Fractal Audio) device in my studio suddenly turn up broken and I ultimately decided that it must have been one of my kids. The FC's display is definitely as rugged as that on an MFC. If you haven't contacted us in support, do that and we'll take good care of you.


Thanks, I already got it repaired - just couldn't believe this happened before I even started gigging with it.


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If it were mine I'd assume I dropped my guitar cable on it after unplugging. While I normally dont drop the plug end on my pedal board I can see it accidentally happening. Thanks for reminding me to make a conscious effort to not let this happen. \m/
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