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FC-12 Feature Requests and Discussion


Agreed. They seem to be a smart design. I'd like to see higher res and wider panels for readability and to get rid of the 10 character limit, but they're very usable as they are.
They are a brilliant design. I couldn't live without it. I don't even need higher res or other readability issues which would need new hardware. I just hoped to see brilliant firmware along with the platform design. I shouldn't say it won't happen, but we should think about what is happening here and how we will move forward.
I do NOT agree that the lack of this feature is a bug, and calling it one just riles up the discussion in an unconstructive way.
To clarify, I'm not calling it a bug. If you read my first post, I'm stating that there is a lack of development in the FC-12 which has made real bugs get pushed back. Point being that if real bugs are pushed back, how can we expect the really helpful updates like scrolling through presets or a dozen other great ideas to ever get worked on?
I also don't get why the need to jump a million presets away in a performance context comes up very often.
To say this isn't important because the need to do it doesn't comes up very often is a logical fallacy to explain away functionality that should have been thought through at the design phase. We don't all work the same, we don't all perform the same way. I must not be alone in my thoughts if others have requested Setlists. You don't use many presets, or even need to jump very far to get it. Others do and will as the number of presets inevitably grow as the Mk2 has proven.
Personally, I'd be ecstatic if a single switch press could change the bypass state or channel of multiple blocks at once. I would use that literally every day. That's far and away my #1 wish for the FCs.
Have you requested it recently?


Fractal Fanatic
I would say that the ability to do something that doesn't come up very often should be lower priority than other more commonly used features. What other criteria should there be for setting priorities?
Well, since you ask :), there are 3 criteria:

How often does it occur? In other words is this something that comes up a lot, or only rarely?

How severe is it? When the problem happens, how big a headache is it for the user?

How big a job would it be to fix it?


I would say that the ability to do something that doesn't come up very often should be lower priority than other more commonly used features. What other criteria should there be for setting priorities?
Totally agree. But how likely is it that just about everything else has a higher priority than some UI functionality on FC units which I agree mostly work amazingly.

And how do you know it isn't a more common issue than it appears? These issues have been posted about for some time. Are you saying the real problem was that everyone was patiently waiting for the issues to be dealt with rather than making annoying posts. If that's the case then all the other folks who've started threads about issues need to thank me for asking how we move forward.


Oh. 'cept the entire thread is tagged as a bug thread.
That one is on me. I didn't know selecting bug as a tag meant it is tagged as bug thread. Perhaps that's what Chris was talking about? My apologies Chris if that is why you focused on the bugs so much.

I figured I would add tags to make it easy to find for someone looking for FC-12 and bugs. 🤔


I didn't know selecting bug as a tag meant it is tagged as bug thread.
Quoting myself there. If adding a "bug" tag to your thread should only be done if you are reporting a specific bug, I think that should be written into the forum rules. If it's already written somewhere then that was my fault.

I'd hate for that to happen again to anyone. Maybe most of this discussion wouldn't have been spent on specific bug issues.


Power User

A better option/wish is for a direct numeral enter option, but would be an issue implementing on the FC6?
I made a post requesting this exact functionality in 2019. Along with a request to get the bank size behavior fixed LOL! As a Fractal product owner for many years, I'm used to them focusing on their core interest (hint: NOT floor controllers) and not so much the other stuff. I made my peace with it a long time ago and don't expect it to change any time soon regardless of the periodic grumbling from customers. In a way, I think the fanatical way they drive sonic improvements in their firmware can make other areas look worse in comparison.

Also, in fairness, some other items I brought up around that time have been addressed.



Yeah I think that's a lot of it. Firmware updates come so frequently for some products, and I can see how that can make other issues and requests seem like they are being ignored. Admin M@ has stated that a setlist feature is currently being worked on and hinted of other FC issues that are also being addressed, though not which ones. As they say, patience is a virtue, but that doesn't make waiting any easier. :p


Comparing to the other products does makes it seem worse. I mean, maybe it is worse. I thought about that before.

It's been 3 years since the FC-6 and FC-12 were released. In fairness, several Axe FX specific bugs I've found have been fixed. Not so much for the FC. I'm okay with waiting another few years if need be, but if it turns out that the updates slow to a crawl right before the entire product is replaced, I'll be left wondering why no one defended my suggestion more rigorously.


You keep mentioning bugs and then saying this post isn't about bugs.

The thread title says "bugs".

What specific bugs are you talking about?
I guess my first post really wasn't clear. I need to work on that.

This was not intended to be a bug request thread. It's a realization that there is not much happening for the FC in terms of development after three years and that it is unlikely there will be more development at a faster pace in another few years. That includes gaps in functionality that I might incorrectly refer to as bugs but is really just unacceptable for a product in this price range. If you're happy with the product obviously this doesn't apply to you. Heck, some folks will only use 2 or 3 presets ever so it doesn't take much. I feel many are patiently waiting, but the reality is starting to look grim for the FC. Of course I may be wrong, but that's where the discussion comes in and we can talk about what we can expect from Fractal or do as a community to make everyone happy.


Those are in the wrong order. I see what you did there.

I'm not the type of person that assumes everything I do is perfect. I can accept that maybe I did a bad job on the original post and should have a second look at it, and then work on it when I find a problem. I then did look at it and realized I was pretty clear. I haven't really heard otherwise. So reordering those posts will then make sense to you.


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Hey FuzzyDude.

I reread your OP and have followed this thread.
I do understand your concerns and most of them are correctly presented in your original post.

If I may, there are a number of assumptions made that might rub the wrong way.

1. You assume that few people own the FC 12 and therefore it is ignored. You call that the REAL problem. You should know - if you don't - that the FC 6 and FC 12 share the exact same software so the issues, if they exist, apply to the entire FC family. And neither you, nor I, know how many have been sold and are in use.

2. You state that there is a deafening silence on the FC 12 progress. But please look at Axe III and FM3 release notes for FC improvements. There have been many over the past couple of years. They are not listed in the FC forum because they are improvements that are part of the AXE software.

3. Your OP mixes up bugs and feature requests. You should start a BUG thread and stick to bugs in that. Then start a WISH thread and put in your feature requests. Otherwise you come across as a whiner and unfortunately get treated as one.

Nevertheless, you do bring up good points and I am sure (100%) that they are being heard and noted. Thanks for bringing them up - the community feedback is a major force in driving progress with FAS.

And as I said, now that the work on the FM9 - which has I am sure significantly captured a lot of engineering time - is basically done, I am certain that those other priorities will see more more attention.


That's great to hear Patzag and a fair assessment overall. Honestly, it's just nice to have a cordial discussion.

Looking at the firmware release notes on Axe FX III for FC specific updates I see:

FC: Tuner will now automatically display whenever tuner is displayed on Axe-Fx III.
FC: FC #4 will now reflect the appropriate layout
FC: Disable FC-6/FC-12 compatibility mode when loading FC-6 factory defaults

That's more than a year ago and right about when I bought the FC-12. So hopefully you can see where I'm coming from. Even if my list is actually wrong, that's what I saw that led me down that path.

I do love Fractal products. I think I can contribute with helpful UI suggestions, but I realize there's only so much engineering time. If it already works for the majority then it's hard to admit it could be better. It can be. I'm very glad I was heard. Thank you.

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Check out how Bank Switch Limits work on the FM9. Page 87 of this manual:

That's been ported already to the Axe-Fx III and will be released the next time there's a new firmware drop. Once this is disabled, you no longer need to change bank limits when changing bank size as they are ignored.
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