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FC-12 and FC-6 Dimensions


Perfect, thanks!

So what I meant before was:
In case potential AX-6 and AX-12 would use a similar chassis (same width, but longer because of the display and additional buttons for menu etc), using the FCs for testing the coming AX* chassis would be valid, because the measurements would be the same. In other words: If it's (un)comfortable to reach the left and right switch of the second row on the FCs having the handles installed, this would also be the case with a potential AX*.


Isn't it allowed to speculate? ;) Come on, that's fun, give it a try!

Another argument: Look at the position of the handles. Most probably the center of mass isn't between them, so they wouldn't be on the ideal place on the FCs. However a potential AX8 successor would need a longer chassis. In that case the center of mass could in fact be between the handles.

quod errat demonstrandum :cool:


With all this monkey talk if the reason is anything less than a Fractal HQ marmoset mascot I'm afraid I may be disappointed.
There are many quality monkeys available from various companies. Some people prefer the rhesus crunch over the marmoset cleans. By providing only the tie-off, Fractal leaves us free to choose the monkey we prefer.

Manny Kuhn

The handles were so you could keep your FCs from getting away from each other using these:
Why settle?



Here's a semi strange request; any chance we could get a photo of the undersides of the FCs? I've got a couple of ideas on mounting mine when I get it eventually, and an estimation on where the feet are, as well as where the usable screw holes live, would be helpful.
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