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Favorite FRFR powered speaker?

Ryan Ankenbauer

New Member
Hey guys. I’m looking into getting a FRFR powerer speaker. I’d like to stay around $400 but price isn’t the biggest issue. I’d be using it for guitar and bass. Just wondering what everyone uses and likes! Thanks!
Loads of threads on it mate, but I use a QSC K12, meant to be one of the best but very bassy and bottom heavy. But mine is mounted chest height so that could mean something. Good luck mate


I don't know if any of you heard about the new HeadRush FRFR 12" speaker...


Looks interesting although the demo video at NAMM doesn't do it for me. Essentially, it is physically an exact clone of the shell used on the Alto TS212 however there is a significant bump in the output power with a "rating" of 2000 watts. This tells me Alto may be the OEM however HeadRush had final say in the electronics and power specs.

Most important is the price... very cheap and inside that $400 target you mention. They will be available in March and I'm considering them myself if they sound better than my JBL EON 610s which are good but not the best in themselves.

I doubt they would be in the Atomic or Matrix FRFR territory however.


If price isn't the biggest, buy an Atomic CLR for around $1,000. I haven't tried everything, but it's by far the best sounding speaker I have tried. People also like Xitone and NCF. To me, there is a difference between my $600 Matrix and the CLR that just makes me want to play guitar more.


Hey guys. I’m looking into getting a FRFR powerer speaker. I’d like to stay around $400 but price isn’t the biggest issue. I’d be using it for guitar and bass. Just wondering what everyone uses and likes! Thanks!

I saw a used Yamaha DXR10 for a little over $400 on ebay. That's probably your best bet (from all that I've read/heard about it)

Stick with a 10". I have dxr10s and love them. I would like to hear the qsc 10" 2.0 at 2000 watts!

Do you guys really think a single powered 10" is enough for bass?


I wouldn't use it for bass. While a single 10" FRFR speaker may not be the best, it does work. Just does not move a lot of air like a 2 x 10" bass column.
As for 2000 watts, the spec for so called peak power @2000 watts is probably wishful thinking, HeadRush also mentions their speaker is 1000 watts continuous which is impressive. If true, this could be very interesting indeed.

HeadRush website shows the following: ( http://www.headrushfx.com/products/frfr-112 )
Output Power: 2000 W peak (1300 LF + 700 HF) 1000 W continuous RMS (650 LF + 350 HF)
LF Driver: 12-inch (305 mm) LF driver, 3-inch (76.2 mm) high-temperature voice coil
HF Driver: 1.4-inch (35 mm) voice coil, neodymium magnet HF driver, with precision wave guide
Crossover: 2KHz
Maximum SPL: 131 dB peak, 128 dB continuous (dB SPL @ 1 m)
Net Weight:35.87 lbs. / 16.27 kg.

The Alto describes their specs. (https://www.altoproaudio.com/downloads/Alto-Professional-TS212-Spec-Sheet.pdf )
Output Power: 1100W peak (700 LF + 400 HF) 550W continuous RMS (350 LF + 200 HF)
Low Frequency: 12” (300mm) woofer, 2.5” (64mm) voice coil
High Frequency: 1” (25mm) neodymium driver with precision waveguide
Crossover: 2kHz
Maximum SPL: 127dB peak, 124dB continuous (dB SPL @ 1m)
Weight: 28.4 lbs / 12.9 kg

So despite the similarity, the HeadRush is louder, heavier, more powerful and has different LF and HF drivers.

Very interesting for the money.


I guess? I can only go by the specs. Is it being suggested that they are false or misleading. I hadn't heard anything of that before. What cha got?

Ok so most if not all prosumer PA style systems advertise peak power and this is not what the box can do continuously. Peak power is pretty much a theretticall that the amp and speaker can do for a short while at a giver frequency not much good in the real world.

They all do this and I can't stand this type of marketing and it's all to get you to buy the one that has the most unuseable power numbers. I would much rather see what the box can do all day long and leave the rest for headroom.

The other thing is you not playing through 2,000 watts of power, when you Bi amp it's two separate amps, one for the highs and one for the lows but the marketing team likes to add these two together.

This is the biggest lie of them all. I looked at QSC specs and the 1800 watts for the lows and 225 for the highs and again that's peak power. I didn't see the continuous rating. You will never see this kind of power being used, the protection circuit won't let you and if you could it would sound like ass and most likely melt the voice coils.

Continuous power numbers are how they should be advertised not peak. This is misleading and a half truth just to make themselves sound better to the unsuspecting buyer. Cut the numbers roughly in half and that's probably what you are really getting to use.


Power User
Welcome to the FRFR rat hole! I started out with an EV EXL112P, then bought another. Afterward switched to 2xCLRs. Got to A/B a Xitone MBritt a few weeks ago in my signal chain and was extremely happy with it! To me, it sounds the closest to that cabinet feel than any other speaker I've tried. I ordered a Wedge that should be here in a few weeks. So, I'll be running one CLR and one Xitone Wedge for awhile.

With all that said, this might be the most critical component to your setup than the AX8 itself. I'm definitely a believer in adding a second FRFR speaker whenever you can find the extra $$.

Good luck and don't get discouraged. I did all of the above over the course of 6+ years. Things have come along way since this FRFR thing started to take off. Great recommendations in this thread!


Welcome to the FRFR rat hole!

Ha! Great line! SImilar track for me in my pursuit of tone in the past 6 years.
My first encounter with FRFR is when I bought a Roland GR-55 synth running into EV ZLX12's. There was so much to like/dislike about it (OK amp, guitar models) and most important, push button alternate tunings and guitar/pick types. Regrettably, I sold it because of nuances and got a GP-10 to go with my synth guitars. Sold that GP-10 when I started using my AX8 and liking it way too much. Miss the instant guitar models and tunings but for the most part, don't miss them and feeding the output of the GP-10 into the AX8 was not that good.
At the time I sold my GP-10, I also sold my EV ZLX12's and replaced them with JBL EON 610s which I liked better.
As I suffer from GAS, also have an Atomic AFB which I really like plus, plus, plus, plus ...

Now that Rat Hole gets bigger as I look at the HeadRush speakers...


Power User
Hey guys. I’m looking into getting a FRFR powerer speaker. I’d like to stay around $400 but price isn’t the biggest issue. I’d be using it for guitar and bass. Just wondering what everyone uses and likes! Thanks!
Would you be using it just for monitoring? Or do you plan to backline/fill with it?
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