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Favorite Drop D Songs


What are the drop D tuned songs you really enjoy playing? Initially, I was looking at coming up with an entire set of all drop d tuned tunes to reduce guitar changes, so even though my favorites are all along the rock genre, I'm interested in any style, as long as it makes you move. :)

To start:
Killing in the Name
Monkey Wrench
Hey Man, Nice Shot
Forty Six & 2


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+1 to anything by Pillar, although a lot of their songs are Drop C. Call To Action is one of my favorite all time riffs.
Fireproof is all drop D but yeah, Noah Henson's playing is what caused me to experiment with drop tunings. Holding On and Frontline are a couple of my favorites but are, as you say, drop C.


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Damn Good. Vai w/DLR.

i arranged a shred-fest take on tchaikovsky's william tell overture in Drop D for a music appreciation class way back when. late 80s at purdue you could substitute music or computer classes for math classes and the 4th time i took the class (all 4 years, baby!) the prof told me that i didn't even have to come to a classroom or anything. she just said, "arrange a classical piece of music unlike the original. it's due the last week of the semester." The other 3 years i sat in classroom listening to music from all periods, baroque, romantic, chants, blah blah. i could, but still asked, "what if i can't read or write music?" she said, "then you fail." she gave me an A+. she never asked me to play it. or what instrument i wrote it for. i've always liked to think it still melted her face. i may have to try and pull it out of my @$_ now 40yrs later...


Higher - Creed
Why Pt 2 - Collective Soul
Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse
Meant To Live - Switchfoot
Rise Today - Alter Bridge
Fishing in the dark
Goodbye For Now - POD
My Own Prison - Creed
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
A Praise Chorus - same

la noise

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All of my guitars are in a variation of Drop tuning. Either C#, D, or C. I have learned
over time how to transpose and fudge it to play songs in a standard tuning. I realized
I can't do it the other way and go lower if I am in E or Eb. But I can go up. :)

la noise

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I must be living in another world. The only titles I recognize from all mentioned so far are Run Like Hell, Fat Bottomed Girls and the EVH. And the only Drop-D I know or ever played is "Lay it down" by Rat 😅

I can remember doing like 2 drop D songs at one time. Now you could literally do
multiple sets, if not an entire show of dropped tuned songs.
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