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Favorite Cabs for Friedman?


Just curious, what are your go to cab IR’s for the Friedman C45? Especially interested to hear what people are using live. I’m currently using a strange combo, a JBL E130 SM57C (many know this from Tyler Grund’s awseome SRV tones) and Factory 2 532 which is 4x12 Brit 70s GB 160 B. Sounds great on my strat loaded with a Dimarzio Cruiser in the neck! A little bit harsh at high volume so, still trying to tame that and I’m interested to try some suggested IR’s.




I like the Marshall 4x12 OH 12C cab in the stock cabs but I also really like the Ownhammer GNR pack. But last week I dig through my Ownhammer stash and really liked the FMAN cab. I’m using the Mix from the summary which is a blend of different mics and speakers.
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