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fat and heavy bass + djenty guitars

Hey guys,

I spent some hours on Axe-Edit tweaking a really fat bass sound, for modern metal purposes. I play a cheap Warwick 5 string Rockbass, the sound on it's own is fairly not perfect and there's some post eq'ing and compression, but it sits very well in the mix in my opinion.

On the other hand the guitar preset has barely been post modified. Just some compression and some noisy frequency cuts. Guitars have been recorded with my Schecter KM7 tuned to drop Eb.

Let me know what you think about it! :)



i don't really like the guitar tone at all, sounds like its played through a transistor radio! So much treble and gain.
Really? I think it cut's really nice through the mix, the harshness is wanted in this case (djenty tone) maybe it's a bit too much though :p. Thank's for the kind words about the riff :)
Yeah might be. I uploaded a rough idea of the full song, with some chord progression, barely fine-mixed and just glued together riffs.

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