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FAS-Reverb, expired certificate, not installing.

I've had FAS-Reverb running on Logic 10.4 for some time with no problems until today. I attempted to launch Logic and it got hung up during the AU scan. I tried restarting computer and Logic with no luck. I get the error stating that "FAS-reve is not present..." I tried re-installing FAS-Reverb and the installation goes fine expect for the warning about the expired certificate. Upon Logic start up and loading a project with FAS-Reverb, I receive the same error that its not present.

I checked my iLok and FAS-Reverb is there and activated. I didn't delete and reactive because it is a one time activation key.

Did Fractal ever get around to re-writing FAS-Reverb with updated certificates? I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the forum.

Definitely stumped here. I use FAS-Reverb for all my mixing projects. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks everyone.
Hey Everyone, I just wanted to post an update to my previous one.

I did get FAS-Reverb working finally. In Logic, I loaded the plug-in manager, Preferences=>Plug-in Manager. I selected Fractal Audio from the list in the lower left hand corner of that window. In "Use" column to the right I checked that box. Finally in the bottom part of the dialog window, I clicked Reset & Rescan Selection. Logic then went through its AU validation process and FAS-Reverb is working now.

FAS support is awesome. I put in a ticket for this Friday and Matt got back to me on a Saturday night. Great company! Thanks.
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