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FAS amps

FAS Class A - is a no brainer for my clean tone.

Would LOVE to see more FAS amps.

My (uneducated) hypothesis is - lots of the amps that are requested (especially the Marshall derivatives) that are not currently in the Axe, can be created by tweaking Advanced parameters.
Would be cool if FAS did some of those tweaks and just published as another FAS Amp. Like a FAS REVV or FAS Fortin, etc.
Yes please, I'll take whatever flavor of a REVV I can get!
I've often wondered if a tube amp manufacturer could learn a lesson or two by examining the design of the FAS amps.
One thing I've learned from watching lots of amp tech stuff on youtube is all the other considerations you have to take into account when designing and building tube amps- component prices and availability, reliability, the amount of time it takes to design and build them, etc. I'm sure you could build a physical amp based on the design of a FAS model, but I don't know if it would be "worth it" from a business standpoint. Especially since everybody just wants a 5150 or a Friedman anyway, lol


I made a bunch of basic presets using various amp models I've always liked. I tried most all of the FAS types, and found a number of them I think sound very good.
Brit Brown (Not really 'brown to me... but cool non the less)
Super Tweed (fun for blues on steroids')
FAS Crunch (plexi type tones)
FAS Wreck (kinda a Trainwreck but less 'spitty")
FAS Modern (a better 'behaved' Recto IMO)


Fractal Fanatic
Does this sound a lot different compared to this model in the AxeFX 2?
Not sure. The only close reference I’d have would be the AX8, but I don’t remember trying that model when I owned one. It’s similar to the PVH 6160 model, just more refined.


Sadly the FAS 5150 sounds completely different to the 5150 Block Letter model on the II. I complained about that here on this forum once, but was kinda told to shut up. But well, I play the 5150 Block Letter model and it's absolutely fine!
I'm revisiting FAS models in depth today, and I'm kicking myself for not using them more often. The 800 Mod, Supertweed, FAS Express, FAS Wreck, and FAS Hot Rod are all incredible.
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