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FAS amps


Fractal Fanatic
FAS Class A - is a no brainer for my clean tone.

Would LOVE to see more FAS amps.

My (uneducated) hypothesis is - lots of the amps that are requested (especially the Marshall derivatives) that are not currently in the Axe, can be created by tweaking Advanced parameters.
Would be cool if FAS did some of those tweaks and just published as another FAS Amp. Like a FAS REVV or FAS Fortin, etc.


Power User
I’m never opposed to more amps, I just don’t know what more they could deliver.

A couple months ago my buddy was over my house and we were going through the FM9 checking out metal tones, I hadn’t tried the Modern amps yet and went to Modern III, we both just started laughing our asses off because it was just THERE with barely tweaking a thing (I use actual 2x12’s, no IR’s necessary). That thing CRUSHES.


I quickly tried Modern I and Modern II. Wasn't really into them. Modern III however is right up my alley.

I can only conclude that I am into a fair chunk of low-end in my guitar tones, with enough gut-punch to get close to a 4x12 cab frequency response.


New Member
Would love to see an FAS version of the Line 6 Litigator, which is one of the custom models in the Helix ecosystem. Sort of an idealized D-style amp.

James Nash

I've often wondered if a tube amp manufacturer could learn a lesson or two by examining the design of the FAS amps.
Interesting idea. I wonder if the FAS amps have a response that is even possible from an analog circuit ? To my ear, the FAS amps sound more perfect than the amps they're derived from. Like warts and limitations from the real amps have been removed. Whether that makes them better--or lacking character--is a matter of taste, I think...
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