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FAS Amp block plugin compromise

So after seeing how Line 6 got cracked, but the FAS Reverb has not been cracked, maybe its safe to say that Fractal has a better system of protection. With that being said, maybe it would be a good compromise to test the waters with just one popular amp model as a FAS amp block plugin. See how it fairs, as far as I can tell, the reverb plugin has not been cracked. I bought it a while ago, and love using it. I have Cab Lab, and would love to see an amp block that Fractal can sell separately, with model expansions.
Also on top of that, If Cliff charged $199 for one amp model out of the plethora of models on the Axe FX, and offered expansions with more amp models available, how could this negatively impact sales when the FAS reverb hasnt even been cracked?

Some might think $199 is steep but if you throw an IR loader with the model, then it makes sense. I dont know, I just see so much potential for plugin sales for Fractal, and even though Line 6 got cracked, as they come out with updates, they could upgrade their protection as well.

I just hope for a FAS amp model in the future, very hopeful
I would pay pretty much any amount for a Fractal amp model plugin. I currently own 3 Axe-FXII's for my multi-channel guitar application and I'd so much rather use a laptop with interface & plugins.
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