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FAS 6160


I was auditioning a bunch of amp models since updating the FW and much to my surprise the FAS 6160 has become my go to lead amp - amazing. I never would have picked this one out of the many great amps in the AXE, but is it ever good. I just used my ears and didn't even know what I was playing most of the time and this one just sings for me. It also has incredible vol control tone and cleans up well. Not as gainy as some of the high gain models on my fav's list but that makes it more versatile. this one and the Bludojai Lead are my go to models for lead tones now. Who woulda thunk it?

what are some of your standouts for high gain tones? any surprises?

Oh, almost forgot the Friedman HBE has got my attention too...
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