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FAS 2018!!!


is it finally the new year in the USA? 2pm JAN THE 1ST here in New Zealand.

The USA must still BE: LIVING IN THE PAST! :)



Power User
With some new Moke's Custom Presets, It will be a very Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year to you all!


Hope everybody had a safe and happy celebration....I gotta say the midnight fireworks over Miami Beach last night were some of the best I’ve seen.....


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First of all happy new year FAS, Cliff and all on the forum!!!

2017 has been an amazing year for Fas and guitar players so what's on the horizon for 2018??? I'm excited to see what the new year brings and where we go!!!


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Usually, my neighborhood is like WWIII at new years and July 4. It's all about the guns and fireworks. It was remarkably quiet last night. I'm thinking that the 16 degree temps might have had something to do with it. Hope everybody had a safe and happy new year's eve. Many blessings to all y'all for the year to come.
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