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Falling in love with Looper block!


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If I had done the setup with a laptop and all the automation I wouldn't use the looper any longer but just have everything stored in backing tracks. :rolleyes:

Gui Freitas

The looper block won't quantize as far as I know, but you can trigger it via midi messages so that it stays in sync with a click track. I just did this for a live video my band did for the tiny desk contest. I set up a midi track in protools, connected to the ax8 via usb, used two midi CC messages only: start recording and start playback. worked like a charm, I clicked the playback off manually at the end of the song. here's the result:
there is a quantize on looper block but I suspect that it does not work very well.
Whether or not you use the quantize does not seem to change anything.

Alan Hoover

New here
We are a two-piece (drummer and guitar) with in-ear click and bass backing track. We add other sounds when needed, like air raid sirens, samples, etc. I already automate all of my AX8 program changes with midi, so ZERO Tap Dance. I thought, "It sure would be nice to automate some looper functions"---so I did. Yeah, I could record a backing track for that guitar part, but I’m trying to stay away from a karaoke feel. #clickdoesnotforgive

I am not a professional musician, just a computer geek that LOVES to play guitar!


This is insightful ...... I didn’t even know that the AX8 HAD a looper.

That purchase of a Ditto X2 (looper) now seems kind of redundant.


Looper is a good way to do it. I use a Ditto though so I don't need to change my presets and foot switches.

And as a tax time looper topic, if you want to hear the world's most irritating hold music, call Intuit (Turbo Tax, Quickbooks). They have a 20-second instrumental loop designed to drive customers off the phone.


So.....the looper is one of the assignable options in a block......just like any effect......is that correct?

If I was home right now, I would fire up my AX8 and see for myself......


This is insightful ...... I didn’t even know that the AX8 HAD a looper.

That purchase of a Ditto X2 (looper) now seems kind of redundant.
Maybe not. If a loop is running and you change patches (to a patch that also has the looper), you will hear silence as the new patch loads. If just for a half-second. But it is sort of disruptive if you rely on loops a lot.


I have just fell in love too for tweaking my presets. I left it running with the volume off for a couple of hours last night. I turned the volume up on the front panel and realised I left it running all that time. The thing I noticed was that the sound seemed to be degraded. It sounded like it was being played back at a lower sample rate.

Does anyone know if this can happen or is it just ear fatigue perhaps? I checked the manual but didn't see anything regarding sound quality or sample rate of the looper. I assumed that it played back exactly what it is fed in but now I wonder.
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