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(FAKE) FM9 - The "real" AX8 replacement or the FM3?

Will you (or did you) buy...

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Thank you for the "Fake" forum label. It would be helpful if people could also include "fake" right inside these kinds of fun photoshop images, for reasons I've discussed before.
Just trying to be respectful of the position you guys are in, especially on a new thread name. Thanks for letting us be obnoxious and stir the pot a little and have our fun... The amount of excitement new product launches generates is a little intoxicating, the greed glands start pumping and imaginations run wild! :rolleyes: It's an amazing time to be a Fractal fan, but I am still tentatively going to hold out in the hopes for a potential... (insert moderator bait here!) :D


I have lots of confidence in the rock-solid construction of Fractal devices, in part because they don’t do things such as what I talked about in the second paragraph of post #5.
OK OK ;) = pulling your leg ...not pulling yer arm out of the socket. :)


No need to 'double the power and double the price' (and very unlikely in plans).

Just enough power to Ares + all effects and more switches. Even already done FM3+FC6, as in the mockup would be nice. Below US$1.500.

The FC12 20" dimension is perfect for one expression pedal in a standard 24" pedalboard.


I was excited at first...and it's a great looking product. I have no doubt that FAS has made another rock solid unit. That said, I'm hesitant to jump in as I'm concerned about premature obsolescence due to hardware limitations relative to the AFIII and firmware development. At this point, I'm seriously considering a jump back to the rack and an AFIII.

I'm taking a wait and see approach at the moment...which I guess we all are at the moment.


Admin dude says ".......Thank you for the "Fake" forum label. It would be helpful if people could also include "fake" right inside these kinds of fun photoshop images, for reasons I've discussed before.."

I was going to say something along these lines yesterday. ..I was searching online for new FM3 reviews and images from this thread showed up in Google.

It really WOULD be a good idea to put "Fun Concept Idea" or "Fake Product" conspicuously somewhere on these images.

Being a business owner myself, I have experienced the confusion it can cause with potential customers inquiring about products which they "KNOW exists.. .." because of they "Seen it ..blah blah blah!!" ...just a pain in the ass trying to convince some of those people that what they saw wasn't real, and it takes twice the effort to convince them to buy an actual product because of that initial confusion and then disappointment that the fake products aren't real. ..Hell. We have lost sales due to this kinda BS. People sometimes walk thinking We are stupid because they "saw this thing with their own eyes!" ..just a pain in the ass.

Just sayin'.


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I am gonna buy the FM3 for sure. Will fit perfectly mit the FC6 i have for my Axe-FX III.
I see no use for a FM9 or whatever.


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If Ed Sheeran can have one of these, I’m holding out that one day the AX16 will arrive with full screen/switch count, and Axe Fx III or better power. Until then the III and my MMGT aren’t going anywhere. No need to compromise... I’ll stick with the best until they make something better.


Axe Grinder

I am gonna buy the FM3 for sure. Will fit perfectly mit the FC6 i have for my Axe-FX III.
I see no use for a FM9 or whatever.
Ole, lucky dog, if I had the III already and still had more money left over I would also buy the FM3 and have absolutely no use for an FM9 either... But I don't have the III nor the additional extra cash right now, so I need more of a one-size-fits-all product approach to upgrade my rig! I see MANY III owners picking up an FM3 for portability and to keep their III pristine and in the studio, I would.
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Axe Grinder

An FM9 will never happen, you've already got this layout with an FM3 and FC6. Remove 3 of those buttons (from your mock up) to make an FM6 and have full AxeFxIII capability and I'm in. With the ability to have up to 4 stand-in switches that would make 10 switches total. Hell while you're at it give me a guitar wireless unit in there too! One that can charge the transmitter. In the meantime I'm happy with an AxerFxIII and FC-12 thank you.
Never say never brianV4... None of us know the definitive answer to that or the if/when. But to be fair I would sign up for your FM6 as well. I just don't think full III power on the floor is realistic at this point, and I'd be more than happy with half of that, a la FXII.


I like the idea of an FM9! I think however at this point I may just keep my AX8 and sac for an Axe III.


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My take on this mockup thing (basic functions examples):

View attachment 54871
The problem with this that i can see
Is going to be weight and losing the compact factor
When you factor in the additional cooling units and the power supplies
Your board probably is over 20 pounds
And likely over 2000$$$

So its a hard sell if you are within a couple of hundred for the rack
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