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Fair price?

Axe 335


I am thinking of selling my AxeII and MFC to get the AX8 which will be enough for my needs.
What would be a fair price to ask for a used Axe II, with the MFC-101 (first generation)



Price is what they end up going for, so I'd suggest checking the sold auctions on eBay.

There was one listed here for $2k for both mfc and axe II, I think shipped. Not sure if it's sold yet but that should give you some indication of how prices have fallen a bit for older models.

I'm keeping mine because after all the shipping and PayPal fees I'd only come out ahead a couple hundred bucks on a AX8, so might as well keep what I've got


$2k for both in the US sounds like a reasonable starting point. If you are in Europe, I'd say €2k or maybe a little bit more is a good starting point.

I'm going to do part of what you are planning: sell the MFC101 and keep the AxeFx II. I'll use the AxeFx at home for recording and the money from selling my MFC101 + extra to buy an AX8, which is going to be the center of my gigging rig.
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