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F*!@#$% Mozilla


Ctrl esc : q
Is that some weird vim-emacs hybrid command thing? Would not surprise me in the least if there was a SpaceMacs plugin for using Xenforo forums right from Emacs. That's pretty much how Emacs people roll, isn't it? Never leave Emacs for any reason? :D
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Working on a new firmware and went to upload a beta to the ftp server and I can't because FireFox no longer supports FireFTP. Bastages!!!!
No joke! I have about a half dozen add-ons that I absolutely need to work that are now 'legacy' in Firefox. The add-in developers are long gone. I switched to the ESR version for now, but this is nuts!


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Agreed. Stop using vanilla FTP - it's intrinsically insecure because the authentication credentials (passwords) are transmitted in cleartext. Use SFTP or FTPS instead.
Much use of FTP is anonymous... ;)
Also, the file network stream/transfer itself isn't encrypted in regular FTP. It's control channel can be a security problem as well. FTP is intrinsically insecure indeed; a legacy protocol/service that doesn't address a lot of modern requirements. SFTP/SCP for me these days..


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I have about a half dozen add-ons that I absolutely need to work that are now 'legacy' in Firefox.
I held off upgrading to the latest Firefox until "NoScript" was ported to it, and that plug-in needs a complete rewrite for the GUI for the new plug-in API in FFox. it has basic functionality but is missing a lot of the old options. I can't live without "NoScript", and "uBlock Origin".
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