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External SSD


IMO, kind of hard to go wrong with SSD from known brand. Samsung EVO is good and QVO also at a significant discount.
Food for thought - I prefer to buy drive and my own inexpensive external dock or enclosure separately. Makes it easy to swap to other interfaces if you need to move the drive to other machines with different connectors. Plus, no Exacto knife and pliers required to remove perfectly good drive from proprietary external enclosure that just has a damaged port. YMMV


Power User
There's a long-time member on the Reaper user forum that has a lot of experience with Mac's. I've relied on his advice and feel it's been very good.
His recommendation is to use your internal SSD for OS X, apps and sample libraries and to also record to. Use a separate drive (internal or external) for data (documents, etc).

He claims the old adage of putting samples on a separate drive or recording to a separate drive is no longer relevant when using an SSD and even degrades performance. Speaking from experience, I've been using this concept for several years and have found it works very well.

I've had no performance issues whatsoever since following this practice.
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