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Closed External DSP unit

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This might be controversial, but just a thought.. I hope I don't offend or start any fights lol. Without getting into the "the FM3 has enough DSP if you do this and this and that".

Universal Audio interfaces run their plugins from the DSP in the unites and eventually max out. UAD sells the Satellite, which you plug into the unit to add additional DSP.

Is this something that, in a future, could be compatible with a Fractal floor unit? Given that you could dial up your average Grandpa's pedalboard & amp with both the AX8 and the FM3, everyone has always maxed the CPU at some point or another. Could there be a way to make a Fractal DSP expander or something like this?


Seems you could just plug one FM3 into another if you wanted additional processing power and do something like have one in the loop for high quality reverb blocks etc ?
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