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external buttons on mfc-101


Hi All,
So annoying that I can't figure this out myself. I have 4 extra switches added to my mfc. External switches, to be precise. I have always assigned them to be scene 2,3 and 4 (the fourth button I didn't use) Now my mfc has been in repair and I got it back set to factory settings.

1) Yes I updated the mfc again
2) Yes I connected the switches correctly
3) Yes they work.
4) the MFC is set like Kris from Katsakuri media explains in his setup video on youtube (A big thank you to him)

I set them to be the correct kind of switch (latching? I believe) I watched the same video on youtube as the last time to get that right. It worked last time, so it should work now.
What I CAN'T figure out now, is how to make them function as scene 2,3 and 4 again. I read the manual, searched the web. No clue. I remember it bein easy....but still....

Anyone know what to do now?

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