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Expression Pedals


Hey guys i wanted to ask what expression pedals are the best i here mission SP-1 is good for certain things that needs switching like volume or wah but the other Ep -1 can be used for ? should i just get one of each and figure the options because i know you could hook up 4 pedals but i am organizing a board. Need a little input ....


I am sure the mission pedals are great as well. I use the FV-500 Boss pedals. They feel really solid and work great for me. The remind me of the EB full size volume pedals. If you are planning to use them for setting them in a certain spot for delay mix or tremolo speed they are very stable and stay in place nicely.


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I have one EP1 and one SP1 from Mission Engineering. I love them.

But know this, if you go for the SP1 it takes 2 inputs from your MFC
so that leaves you with "only" room for two more expression pedal

Because the SP1 uses one cable for the pedal itself, and another one
for the buildt in switch.

I use my springloaded ep1 for wah and whammy , using the auto engage function
and I am very saticfied with that.

you have a good one


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I have 2 of the Boss FV-500's. They're great and built like tanks....
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Hi all I'm very new to the axe fx2 and I don't know how to set up the auto engage wah for my boss fv500 pedal someone please help thanks in advanced


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In axe edit, got to the Wah block -- *right click on the <> on the control knob .. select your port from the SOURCE drop down list * for instance EXternal 1 *
and make sure the "dot" moves up and down when moving the pedal ..
and then on the menu AUTO Engage and chose speed to your liking ..

hope that helped ..



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Thank you for your help but if I don't have axe adit I have to Manuel direct from axe fx2 can you help me how to do it please thanks


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On the Axe go to the wah block --> control knob --> press enter --> in the modifier window set source to extern 1 and autoengage to POS or SPD to your liking
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