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Expression pedal problem after updating MFC and AXE


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Just got my MFC Mark III back from FAS (for bootloader update and firmware update to FW3.03).

Put the rig back together tonight and updated my AXE FX II to FW 14.02 and ran update all presets.

Everything sounds great, but my expression pedals are out of wack.

What I programed:

Extern 1 (Boss EV500) = vol block level modifier
Extern 2 (Mission Misha pos. 1) = delay block mix modifier
Extern 3 (Mission Misha pos. 2) = not assigned
Extern 4 (Mission EP-1) = wah control modifier

What's happening: Extern 2 is controlling volume while Extern 1 is acting like a weak secondary volume boost, and Extern 4 is not doing anything at all

The delay block will not work at all unless I change Extern 2 to off.

The wah block will not work at all unless I change Extern 4 to off.

Any ideas?

EDIT: after running update all presets again the Extern 1 (vol) and Extern 2 (delay mix) suddenly started working as programed, but not Extern 4 (wah control).

EDIT: ran update all presets again no change so I powered down and then powered up again. Somehow my preset 4 (Double Verb) that I was using was overwritten by the contents of preset 384 (Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind). So … any ideas?


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What settings should I check given my AXE Extern 1-4 programming above (set in Axe Edit back in January)?


See if the CC# for each XP on the MFC matches the CC# of the intended Ext Ctrl found at the Axe-FX I/O: CTRL page.
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