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Expression pedal modifier value resets when changing patches


New here

So I'm using my POD HD500x as a MIDI controller for my Axe FX II, and I have the expression pedal of the POD set up to control External 1. On the Axe I have a Volume block in all my presets which are controlled by external 1.

The problem is, no matter what position the pedal is in, whenever I change patches the volume parameter goes to zero. Is there anyway to make the pedal position carry over during patch changes?



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Maybe It's a midi setting in the POD?

I had to set my MFC-101 so that it sends the current Pedal value with each preset change.


What's the INIT VAL of the External Controller on your Axe?
That's only in effect from power-on until a new value is received. It sounds like the controller is sending value 0 on preset changes.

Are the POD's CCs editable? If there's nothing obviously wrong with pedal settings, other instances of this CC# (assigned to a switch or just transmitted on preset changes) are what you'd want to look for.


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What happens if you set something with the pedal, disconnect the Pod and then change the patch from the front panel?


As Bakerman suggests, check to see if the POD has any duplicate instances of the control code number that is assigned to External Pedal 1 (i.e. a footswitch or something). This has bitten me before.
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