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expression pedal does not sweep all the way


I have a couple or Rocktron Hex pedals for volume and wah that I have been using with the Rocktron Allaccess controler. now that I have the MFC I set them up but they only sweep about 30% of the way for wah and volume. this is especially problematic with the wah function as I cannot do a full sound sweep from 0-100, it only goes from about 70-100 at the top of the range. does this make sense to you guys? what am I missing?

also, forgot to add, the autoengage does not work on the wah pedal for some reason. when the pedal is toe up, the wah does not shut off like it did with my other set up.
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yeah, I did mark, thanks. when the toe is up, it should bypass the wah, but it doesn't. if I go to another preset and then return, it is off, but as soon as I touch it, it goes on and won't go off until I change presets. its annoying.

I've got the autoengage % set at 5% (default) so that should be enough to signal shut down... mmm....

then again, the pedal does not do a full sweep on the control graph, I dunno.


I think I noticed something like that myself once, when you return to the preset and its off try saving the preset before you ouch the Wah.
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