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Expected LED lifetime


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The expected lifetime of the LEDs in the FC-6 are so long that I shouldn't worry about it, right?

I tried searching for this information, and checked the manual, but couldn't find the answer. Hopefully this thread will pop up when the next guy wonders.


Note that this article refers to LED light bulbs, which go through considerably more stress than the stuff mounted in your FC-6.

Some parts of this article are...interesting, to say the least. for instance, "Most, standard, electronic capacitors...have an average life time of around 1 year, if used regularly:" Pretty much everything I own that contains capacitors — light bulbs included — is multiple years old and still functioning.


Just remember that do not use the unit 24 hours a day for years and years, not that I think the foot switches will wear down first.


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Danny W.

LED lightbulbs are complete systems with a power supply, while an LED is a single basic component. These don't typically wear out, but they can fail from manufacturing defects or being overstressed. It's not common.

Danny W.

Kamil Kisiel

I know lot of people who are synth technicians that work on vintage synths. I've yet to ever have heard of one where the LEDs have gone bad, and everything from the 80s onward used a lot of them. The capacitors and switches in the FC's are likely to fail way before any of the LEDs do.
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LEDs used for room lighting applications are put under WAY more stress than the small low power LEDs you'll find in the foot controllers.

These LEDs will live longer than you will. :D


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The only LEDs you have to worry about are the ones used in Blackmagic video equipment. Yuk.
Everything else I've ever seen just keeps on going ...
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