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EVH 'Unchained' Flanger anyone?


Hey guys,

I'm struggling to make a close-to EVH 'Unchained' type Flanger patch.. Has anyone attempted to try and replicate this unique effect on their Axe FX-ii's?

I've got the MXR EVH flanger and when you click the little 'Unchained' mode button, it takes you right there..

Not an easy thing to program!! Strangely, the closest thing I've found to sorta get me there is actually the 80's Chorus :?


Do a search for it... Yek has posted several presets and suggested block settings that would make this achievable.

I have a couple of old MXR flangers... It's not exact, but pretty close... I tried them a while ago, and they sounded fine to me. No one in the audience was able to tell.


Thanks Sharka..

Wow, I tried Yek's one and that is basically SPOT ON!! Very happy with that, thanks for the find, appreciate it man!! :encouragement:
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