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EVH tone from the late 80s / early 90s. AxeFX II XL - FW18

Forgive the bad playing. I haven't played many of these licks in many many months (I've been busy with a indie / alternative band, which you can check out here: Room For Zero )

Here you go.

I recently rediscovered my love for Van Halen, particularly the F.U.C.K. and Balance era. I love that dripping wet tone.

Anyways, I spent about 40 minutes last night trying to dial this in. It definitely needs some EQ work. Wound up with a lot more sizzle than I thought I had originally.

Amp is the 5153 50w blue, cab is the fractal 4x12 v30.

I had to run the detune in parallel to keep the "balls" from the amp.

Edit: Added preset file, csv, and screenshot.

Preset: View attachment EVH Juicy.syx

CSV file containing all settings and values: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4CColVolc5reV8wYUtIT0YyZGc/view

Screenshot of routing and the "Pitch" block: EVH Juicy.jpg
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Don't touch it!!! (well... maybe smoothing some iceness... but in a mix maybe not!)
You can maybe increase the wetness (modulation and verb lenght/mix) just a bit!

Nope... don't touch it at all!!! :encouragement:

Some screenshot for the Axe II?!? ;)
Great Eddie-Sound! I also like the 50 W - 5153 very much. You´ve got the Delay and Reverb in front of the cab?
Yeah. I normally run direct to the board when I gig, but use a stereo cab for practice and on stage for monitoring or smaller gigs.

By using a stereo cab block panned hard left and right, I can still get more or less the same stereo image as running the effects post-cab. This comes at the cost of additional CPU resources though. Running the effects before the cab also means I can have them run through my power amp and cab for when I'm not going through a pa.
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I know I'll feel like a dumbass later, but what is the mixer block for in row 3?
Ah. This is mostly unnecessary. I could have used a variety of blocks, but for whatever reason, I chose the mixer block.

I use it to control the amount of dry signal I feed back into the mix right before the cab. I was playing with different values, but I think in the preset, I wound up just keeping it set at 0db. Technically, it would sound the same if you removed it, but it was helpful during my tweaking.
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