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Evertune & Bare Knuckle vs PRS vs Squier with PRS pickups

Which one did you prefer?

  • First take

    Votes: 18 72.0%
  • Second take

    Votes: 4 16.0%
  • Third take

    Votes: 3 12.0%

  • Total voters


Cab Pack Wizard

So which one did you like most and why?

I'll reveal which is which once the time is right. Here are the guitars in no particular order:

VGS Soulmaster 7-string with Evertune bridge and Bare Knuckle Black Hawk pickups
Squier Jim Root Telecaster with PRS HFS and Vintage Bass pickups
PRS CE24 stock

Go! :)


Cab Pack Wizard
This is cool. Because I know they actually are I feel like I'm too biased to really say anything. :D Your votes are important! :)


Forum Addict
I like #3, it has more dynamics and sounds the most interesting. Then I like #2, its the most balanced sounding of the 3 tones. I don't like #1 much. Too compressed & not as interesting as the others IMO.


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At first I liked one over the other takes, then listened a few minutes later starting with second since it wasn't as bright and I'd be bias to the brighter one. I actually prefer the second and like how the harmonics pop out.

Don't like the 3rd at all, find the clip to have some grainy type of distortion that sticks out...blah.


Cab Pack Wizard
Well the results are very good for my new baby!

1) Evertune Bare Knuckle
2) PRS
3) Squier with PRS pickups

Like said before I think there might be some of that "getting used to the first sound and comparing other sounds to the first one" -thing going on because honestly they weren't that different. :) Personally I like the beefy PRS and it has none of those harsh high end frequencies but then again I'm very objective to this since I know it's the most expensive guitar of the bunch. :D They are all really really really good guitars. Even the Squier! If a guitar just doesn't feel right I sell them in a month. Sorry Ibanez guys but I've sold all my Ibanezes pretty quickly. The Jem7wh I had for 3 months I think. That one was good. :)

What do you think of the Evertune bridge in general? Was toying with the idea of having one installed on my Scheter Strat...
I think it's genius! Way better than I thought. You never realize how much time you spend tuning your guitar until you get an Evertune and watch other guitarists tune their guitars while you wait. :D

I feel like it probably works a little bit better on the lighter strings. I have my guitar in djent tuning so the low B is tuned to Ab and that's probably the only situation where I might hear it going out of tune.. but it's really minor and nothing compared to regular guitars. On regular guitars you would most likely leave the low string a little flat to compensate for that right? The thing is that my PRS guitars and Music Man JPs always held their tuning pretty good anyways. Still! I don't have to tune my guitar ever again. That's pretty friggin' amazing!
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