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EV Series Expression pedal Performance video

Mark Day

FAS Artist-in-Residence
Fractal Audio Systems
Excellent drone, I also own the same)) Thanks for the interesting video !!!
It is my friend's drone. I would have posted in 4K but I used my Nikon D5500 for some of the close up EV shots. great drone. Thanks for the kind words!


Thanks I actually recorded using my XL, so it is an AxeFx XL preset not an AX8. I used scene 4. There is a vol/pan block in the preset that you will need to assign or bypass.
Excellent - I'll load this up on my Axe FX tomorrow... currently loading the vehicle for tonights gig and then same again tomorrow night but I will have a few hours to spare during the day tomorrow and based on your previous patches I might just get lost in the moment!


After show after effects... blurgh. No time to try the patch for me today but maybe tomorrow depending on how the tonight's motorbike rally gig goes and whether I indulge in the next after show too much !


Nice! A tune that stalks you, well played as always. And you look appropriately badass when you're backlit.
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