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EU People: Heavy Duty USB and MIDI Cables?

To my EU brothers: can you recommend a source for a heavy duty USB and MIDI cable? (two separate cables). ...something strong that can withstand people walking on them or possibly a guy rolling a flight case over them.

In the states, they have Best Tronics. http://btpa.com/ Something like this within Germany or the EU would be great.


I've never really found any that I would class as heavy duty, but then again I've not looked too hard because whenever I have to think about cable routing I have always used rubberised cable protectors/trunking. Much better in my experience to have the weight of flight cases and stage equipment not even touching the cable itself - it also allows for even heavier items to be moved across your cable runs without any worries.

I have a selection of lengths pre-cut at 2m, 3m and 5m that are in my accessories flight case at all times and depending on the situation it can also be easier than trying to gaffa tape a run of cables to the floor.

RS Components and other places in the UK sell them so I'm sure there will be something available near you, possibly something at Thomann? https://www.thomann.de/gb/misc_cable_accessories.html
I have always used rubberised cable protectors/trunking.
Hi. Thanks. Yes, I was thinking about adding that too. I know Thomann. I like shopping there. The price was a bit higher than from the states. Just found out, I have some family coming soon, so I ordered from Best Tronics. They're gonna bring it on the plane. No MwSt or VAT! :)
If that doesn't work... I need some steel belted radials!!
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