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Ethernet not working (from Axe-Fx II), how seamless is transferring to 7-pin MIDI?


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I plugged in for practice last night and discovered that the ethernet doesn't work on my Axe Fx now. I swapped cables, and verified that the controller itself works, but the power from the axe to the mfc does not work. My main question is (as I wait on a 7 pin midi cable to arrive), if I just route the midi cable (And phantom over midi) to the MFC, am I going to need to reprogram the MFC so that the commands on the board properly communicate with the Axe? Is this process relatively seamless? I'd imagine it would be the same, but am curious of anyone else's experiences.


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It will be seamless and easy. The only thing you'll need to do is to change is the "USE PORT" setting on the MFC (to "MIDI"). Find this on the first page of the MIDI menu (#4) under Edit Setup on the MFC.


A word of advice: on paper it IS as easy as Matt said. In practice, maybe not so much. :(

Many people have issues with sufficient phantom power, especially the longer the cable is. Don't plan on using more than 20'... BTPA won't even make a 7 pin phantom cable for Axe Fx if you request more than that.

The problem seems to be the current level from the power adapter. The MFC adapter is 1000mA.

Mine would not work with a high quality cable of 20'. I was able to use a different AC adapter that provided 1300mA and that fixed it.

Good luck!
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