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Eric Johnson Tone - Cliffs of Dover


My favorite instrumental and your playing and tone are awesome. When the solo kicks in about 2:48, I always assumed he switched to the dumble and probably neck pickup. That part in your recording sounds perfect. I did not see you tap dance to switch presets or switch pickups, is there a scene change at the point in your preset with amp sims or a mid boost? It sounds different and really cool at the point especially. Thanks for sharing.


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Obviously Photoshop'd!

All jokes aside that was completely awesome! It inspires me to watch some one pull off a difficult piece like this because it shows me that us mortals can do it to! You made it look too easy. \m/

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Had to log in just to say that you totally NAILED IT! Great job!


There's so much talent on this forum!


P.S Damn- your RGPR2 just caught my eye. Feck, that's a beauty isn't it, great quilt. If that was neck thru as well I wouldn't of rested until I found one lol. Until then I will continue to buy up the worlds remainer of RGT3120's :p Those "Fuji" era Ibanez are just fantastic, intonation literally amazing all over the board etc. One of my favourite things about them is they feel fantastic on the low side of the neck and never fart out like most guitars seem to up around that area, clinical.
On the subject of necks, what actual spec is it on there in terms of radius etc Rick? (if you don't mind me cloggering up your thread of course :D)
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