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EQ bands ?? 4 Band and 5 Band ?? Help!


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Hi,i can not find any infomation on what Frequency the 4 Band Passive and 5 Band are modeled on ?

In the 4 Band we have LOW - LMid - HMid - High

The 5 band have LOW - LMid - Mid - HMid - High

I am working of a set of presets for Bass using the B7k preamp model,and this would be good infomation too have.
I see no info in the manuals for the II and the III

@FractalAudio ?


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I ran them through the 'Tone Match' block on my Axe-Fx III and got some rough ideas of their center frequencies.

4-Band (Passive) (fairly low Qs)
  1. Low - (low-shelf 2?) Around 50-75 Hz?
  2. Low/Mid - Around 650 Hz
  3. High/Mid - (high-shelf 2??) Around 2500 Hz?
  4. High - (high-shelf 2?) Around 5500 Hz?
5-Band (Passive) (fairly low Qs)
  1. Low - (low-shelf 2?) Around 50-75 Hz?
  2. Low/Mid - Around 300 Hz
  3. Mid - Around 800 Hz
  4. High/Mid - Around 1950 Hz?
  5. High - (high-shelf 2?) Around 5500 Hz?
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