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Envelope follower section question (for volume swells aka "slow gear")


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I hope such a specific question is OK.

on the envelope follower section :
Is there a was to set it to retrigger when it sense a signal peak?

TO help clarify :

basically, the old slow gear was a noise gate with retarded attack so if the gate was already opened when you played another note, you would hear the normal (uneffected) attack

units like the EHX attack/decay allow retrigger (as sort of a pseudo-poly mode, this is different than the poly mode) so if you hit another note with the gate still open, the pedal resets (closes) the gate and allows another swell each time it hears a "pluck"

thanks much
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Try this preset. It does something the original slow gear can't by placing a volume in front of the drive and a filter after it. The effect is very cool.


  • Slow Gear Violtone_20200225_124742.syx
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