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Wish Envelope-driven display off?


Not even sure if this is possible in new AF3 hardware... but my units (AF2 and AF3) are often turned on for most of a day or evening. Of course they are played a lot but intermittently... say break for dinner... dumb kids needing to do piano practice... or wife saying, "you love that guitar more than me!"

Duh... :)

Anyway the tempo light blinking is enough of a power LED for me. The idea of OPTIONALLY being able to tie a power off state for the display into an input or output envelope with a timeout would be nice. Example: not active/used for 30mins, power off display.

For those that are hardcore AxeEdit or FracPad users, I guess this could be extended to an always off mode with something like a 'long press' to activate/deactivate might be cool too! My AF3 is not racked at the moment as I want it in reach (no AxeEdit yet) but, normally, my primary method for interacting with the unit is foot controller and PC.


Seems a great idea to have a defeatavle sleep option, no need to have the nice big display going when I’m not in the room
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