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Entry for Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge


New Member
Hi guys :) So nice to have the opportunity in AXE-FX to utilize dual signal path within one preset, for piezos and magnetic PUs in this case. In use for this great backing track by Wallimann the Genious. Please, check it out :)

The IR for the acoustic sound of course found from this great AXE-forum ;)


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Thanks all for your compliments :) Here is the patch used and IRs. I don't know who originally delivered the Taylor-IR but many thanks, the other IR is my own capture from my Mesa Thiele 1X12 -cab with EV12L-speaker. Maybe someone will find it useful :)

View attachment Dual-GTR.syx
View attachment Taylor 314ce - Earthworks QTC30.syx
View attachment Mesa 1X12 THIELE EV12L-SM57.syx

Regarding the methodology, I cannot take any credit. This is very nicely explained for example by Yek and especially this Youtube video by Chris Allen is great.

Axe FX - 2 separate inputs using mixers - YouTube
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