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Ended up buying a Taylor 814ce


Nice! Taylors are great guitars. I really enjoy playing my 414ce. I've always wanted to play an 814ce.

Got any pictures?


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Congrats on the 814.
I used to own a Taylor 814ce it had a nice flamed maple binding around body and fretboard and also was easier to play than my electric guitars I've never experienced playability like that on an acoustic guitar in my life!! Light strings low action it was unreal!
My only gripe with that Taylor 814ce was that it just seemed so temperamental and sensitive to the environment and humidity levels. I had to constantly monitor that in my studio with her in there. Never seemed to affect any of the other guitars but she was picky. She aut to be though because she knew she was the best sounding, best playing, best quality guitar out of the bunch. Can ya tell my hands miss her, lol. Had to sell her about 2 yrs ago:(


814's are great guitars. The one that I'm most partial to in the Taylor lineup (and I've played a lot of them) is the 714 which has a cedar top. Enjoy your new guitar.
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