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Enable FC pedals/switches to send MIDI to downstream devices (such as DAW, other external gear)

Joe Bfstplk

Power User
Hi. I have managed to get a Scene MIDI block to send scene change MIDI data, and a CS MIDI setting is set for each of the Control Switches so that each switch sends 0/127 on a different CC number, which is handy for use with a DAW to capture control switch and scene change timing, but many functions supported by the FC do not have any capability of notifying downstream equipment that something has been switched on or off, or a controller pedal/knob has been moved.

The capability to have the AxeFX3 send Effect on/off/channel changes and FC pedal position data via MIDI would greatly enhance the usefulness of the AxeFX3 in recording situations as well as in situations where you have downstream gear that needs to be controlled as well, such as other FX devices, lights, fog, pyrotechnic, etc.

It seems to make sense (to me) to attach the functionality to the FC switch/pedal from a logical standpoint, as what is really going on is more of a way of notifying other devices that "user stepped on button #11" or "user moved FC pedal #2" kind of thing than something tied to the effect being toggled/tweaked, so maybe an extra button could be added to the "FUNCTIONS" area of the FC Controllers and Per-Preset FC pages to tell them to send MIDI (and maybe a selector to choose CC# for that button to send):

For the controller pedals, it seems logical for a setting to set CC# for each pedal to be added in the FC Controllers > Remote config area where the switch/pedal set up for the FC is done.

Please see this thread for more related musings on the topic.

Duncan Rigby

New Member
Its a good wish, to be able to get the FC expr 1,2,3,4, to send a CC to a different midi device, I was a tad disappointed , its only a software issue if FAS make a Midi Out Block then it opens up the world of device performance...


New Member
Also a wish from me! I want to be able to send a midi cc to external effects when hitting the tap tempo button. Can work around with an external footswitch and a CS sending midi to multiple devices, but you then have no feedback on the FC (tempo display and pretty flashy light)
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