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Empty presets management


I'm trying to clean the presets removing some I'll never use on the FM3.
When I deleted one (aka overwriting with an <EMPTY> preset) I have the FM3 full of <EMPTY> in the banks and I can't find any way to move alle the other presets together to fill the <EMPTY> ones.

There is any other way to remove unwanted presets?

Schermata 2021-04-19 alle 14.58.11.png


Go to the TOOLS menu and open Manage Cabs. You can select one of more presets and drag them to other positions. You can also clear (make empty) presets by using the right-click menu.
No such thing as "unwanted" presets...maybe just not as loved presets! In all seriousness though I have a mash up of downloaded presets, presets I've done and factory presets that I need to organize...OR FAS could just make the next Firmware update "more banks to fill! After the elusive Cygnus of course!


Can’t believe I’m correcting Yek. Manage Presets is where you want to go from the tools menu. Not cabs. Otherwise he is totally correct of course.


Not exactly what I’m asking. Probably my question is not that clear.

there is no way I found to fill the empty easily. I can’t even drag and drop many presets because I get a message that I can’t overwrite.

in the image attached if I want to fill 136 moving of one position all of the others, from 137 to the last one, I can’t.

There is no way you can remove a preset without having an empty one.

I found just one walk around:
1. Export all the presets
2. Delete the empty ones from the folder where I saved them
3. Delete all the presets from FM3
4. Import all the presets exported (without the empty ones deleted in point 2).

At the moment the presets manager is the only thing I’m not liking of the FM3.

I see the reason why it behaves this way, so that you don’t mess with the other banks, but there should be a way to make the preset management easier and more flexible.


I can’t even drag and drop many presets because I get a message that I can’t overwrite.

Yes, that happens...

I am doing another process for skip the empty presets. I think it's faster.

For example:
I have valid presets from 01 to 45
I have empty presets from 46 to 50
I have more valid presets from 51 to 80

I copy from 51 to 80, and then paste them to preset 46.

Then I have the presets I want from 01 to 75, but 76, 77, 78, 79 and 80 are the same presets than 71,72,73,74,75.

So the last action I do is to remove presets 76 to 80.
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