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EMG-818x/668 Metal Test ("5153" - Carvin DC800)


Hi folks,

Here's it goes: a straightforward evaluation of the EMG-818x and EMG-668 in a metal context: rhythm, lead bridge and lead neck. These pickups + the "5153" model make wonders, I'm loving the textures (I'm also working on the EMG-818 and EMG-578 and the results are amazing as well).

What do you think? I'll share the patch soon

- Signal chain: Carvin DC800 - Axe FX II - Logic Pro X
- Axe FX II patch: "5153" based, Quantum 1.00
- No post EQ
- Guitar specs: Carvin/Kiesel DC800, swamp ash body, quilted maple top, birdseye maple fretboard, neck thru, maple neck, hipshot bridge (string thru)

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