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Elixir Polyweb Strings? Eliminate string squeak?


I use Nanoweb and I think they help a little with squeaking. I’d like to try polyweb, but the gauge selection is rather limited. Ernie Ball now makes coated strings so I might give those a try.

Dale LeClaire

Squeak is a bigger issue to me on acoustics, and using nanowebs or polywebs on there really cuts it down a lot. It's worth noting, I don't notice nearly as much difference between nano and poly as I do from uncoated to coated. I agree with @dpeterson above... I just vastly prefer the feel of the elixir string, and less squeak is almost just a bonus. After playing them for a while, uncoated strings feel sticky and annoying, even when fresh out of the pack or covered in string lube.


I'm used to having acoustic guitar tracks under the microscope. If you don't want squeak a coated string is a good option. I use D'Addario coated strings-usually the 80/20 bronze. Many times it's coated strings and practicing technique to resolve the squeak issue. D'Addario also makes an acoustic half wound string that makes less noise you could try.
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