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EHX Superego.. Need some routing help!


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I now have an EHX Superego on the way and was wondering how to route it to my AXE-FX (Ultra)....

I want to avoid routing the EHX Superego directly through the front of my AXE-FX if possible because the SUPEREGO does not have 'True Bypass' and I want to avoid having any 'colored' sound or altered guitar dynamics etc. @ the AXE's input 1 front.

If possible, I was hoping to insert various effects from the AXE-FX (Ultra) (via the effects loop), into the send/return of the EHX Superego and if possible, simultaneously have the Superego's 'In' & 'Out' routed via the Ultra's effects loop as well.

I would like to route all Via the effects loop of the AXE-FX and also have the ability to bypass this routing in the Ultra's effects loop when needed.

At the risk of being redundant to clarify, here's what I need:
1) dry signal from the Ultra to the Superego 'In & Out'
2) Effected signal from the Ultra to the Superego 'Send & Return'
3) Bypass of the Ultra's effects loop
(to avoid using the colored dry signal when using the Superego's bypass)

Configuring this set-up has my head spinning. :? Any help would be most appreciated.


Do you plan to switch/blend sounds via MIDI or Axe pedal 1/2 ports? In other words, not make wet/dry adjustments or toggle bypass on the Superego itself? If so, 2 cables (instead of 4) between Axe/EHX will probably allow everything you need.

Connect Axe Out 2L to Superego In, Superego Send (or Output w/ only wet signal turned up) to Axe In 2L. In the Axe you can route dry signal parallel to FXL, process the EHX output separately, toggle/blend sounds in a variety of ways like mixer or volume blocks.

What you described is also possible, using feedback send/return blocks (plus correct balance & I/O settings) to make the Axe loop L/R act like 2 mono loops at different points in the chain.
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Thanks you Bakerman for your help. You're awesome sir!!!
I was hoping you would be the one to provide a solution. I greatly admire and appreciate you for your brilliant work/ideas and willingness to help here on the forum.
Yes.... I would like to switch/blend sounds via MIDI or Axe pedal 1/2 ports.
No... I do not want to make wet/dry adjustments or toggle bypass on the Superego itself.

Please advise further...
With your routing example, what would be the best bypass solution/configuration to avoid extreme volume differences?

If I set things up with your two cable set-up and it doesn't sit well with my purposes and should happen to want to set it up the other way using the Superego's blending/switching and bypass etc. .... How would I go about setting that up?
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If you sent the 2 signals into a mixer block, an External could adjust levels for those rows however you wanted. Like wet/dry at 0/100, then press a switch and get 75/40 or whatever sounds good. Engaging a volume or filter block in each path could also accomplish that.

The other method would end up being like this:

Axe Out 2L - EHX input - EHX send - Axe In 2R - effects here - SND block - RTN block - Axe Out 2R - EHX return - EHX output - Axe In 2L - any final processing on full sound - Out 1

Routing example:


(Some balance settings are important to avoid unwanted signal flow or feedback loops.)


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WOWwww!! You rock kind sir..... :mrgreen Thank you very much my friend.
Thanks 2 you, My head is no longer spinning...
so I guess it's safe now to take my baby
My Baby3.jpg ...for a spin.

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