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Edosounds Xmas Jam


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I already posted this in the af3 general forum, but since I used the fm3 to record all guitars and bass, I might as well post it here instead! Anyways, I made a short arrangement of John Lennon’s happy Xmas, and would be happy to turn it into a global challenge / jam. If you want to be part of it, you can download the backing track at www.edosounds.com/xmas. It’s not meant to be a competition, but to add some excitement I’ll be picking my 3 favorite solos and assign edosounds prizes (preset packs, cab pack).
Deadline for the competition is December 24, but if you just want to take part for the Christmas spirit, there is no deadline! 😊

Here’s my take - again, all guitars recorded with fm3 only:


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Not up for anything ...yet... wondering where I can find the FM3 method to install someone else's downloaded scenes/patches? v4.0
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