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Editing still a go on the Ultra!


New here
Hey Folks! First post here (a lil familiar with midi, but getting reacquainted and acclimated to an Ultra I picked up on CL trade. So, thought I'd share my setup as I now know it works.

MacBook Pro (less than a year old), OSX 10.14.6 -> M-Audio FastTrack Pro interface... in Audio Midi setup, just routed a generic device and named it Fractal...left the default device settings. Used 'Axe-Edit_Setup_1_0_191' ...all is well on the editing, reading/writing patches and cabs from the AxeEdit app. Gleaned all here and other preset sites and ready to test tomorrow night.

Thanks for all the efforts of y'all! So far, I'm liking this Ultra Rack...the price was right!

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