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Echoes, 9 song compilation of easy listening music.


So, i Haven't been posting for a while now.
My last post was a demanufacture sound replication attempt which caused quite some trouble on this forum.
Some people even demanded i'd make some money of it. I know, strange stuff.
So after that i decided to leave this place for a while.

Anyways, in the last 3 months i made some music and decided to share it.
No Metulz this time, just easy listening music.
Guitars and bassguitar are all Axe Ultra


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That was awesome.....1/2 hour of my time well spent. Aside from the drums and bass is everything else *just* guitar or are there keys in there?(aside from the rain, of course).. Very moody-like taking a trip to some exotic far away lands...no, I'm not high...lol. Music just alerts certain senses. The layering was fantastic. Track 6 is way cool. Would love to hear more of your tunes. Very well done!!!!! One simple word....WOW!!!



Thanks for listening man, really appreciate it!
Guitars and bass are axe, synths are omnisphere. Drums are SD2.0

I just released a CD, it's different music for sure (more metulz) but does use the same melodic progressions and structures.
Have a listen @ Viaggiatore della Vita x unlock the story, music and art
You can download the first 3 songs for free!
In the upcoming weeks we'll release the rest of the album.


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