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I found three threads on the EAW VRM12. 2 were asking about them, but not really any answers. In one thread, someone used them for vocals and liked them, but nobody had yet used them with the Axe Fx.

I can get a new pair on a really good deal. Has anyone used them with the Axe Fx? Does anyone have any comments on the response? Flat or not?




Fractal Fanatic
what kind of deal we talking here? $500/pr in mint shape? Consider that any decent power amp for this pair of speakers will run you another $500+ unless you already have a good one, so all tolled, it is around $1000 for a pair of powered speakers. EAW carries a very good pedigree, and I concur that they make great PA stuff...personally I would do A/B/C/D comparisons of the EAW with similarly priced ($500-600 for a powered speaker system) from EV, Yamaha, etc. Sight unseen and not listening to them for your specific needs it is a crap shoot. But if you're getting a good enough deal on them, there are a lot of fans of those wedges for compact stage monitor use, so you wouldn't have a lot of trouble with a re-sale. JMHO.


Not sure if I would be interested if it's not that flat. I'm an ex-FBT owner, been there done that. I do already have the RCF, and am pretty happy with it. I'm trying to solve the backline issue though. I need something to be able to carry the room when not going through the PA. The 90 degrees on the EAW caught my eye, along with the price, but I'm probably barking up the wrong tree. I was also thinking maybe the JBL SRX712. I've just been using my Marshall 2x12 lately, when I'm not in the PA. Was hoping for a better FRFR solution.


I'm borrowing the VRM12. First impressions are pretty good. For what it is, and it's size, I can't complain. I haven't compared it to anything yet.

Currently in my possession, I have a Verve FBT, QSC K10, QSC K12, RCF NX 12-sma, and this EAW VRM12. Plus I also have a 4x12, 2x12, and 1x12 in regular cabs. I'm going to try to record them all this weekend. I may need some guidance in how to do that properly. The only reference mic I have is a Behringer. Hopefully that would be good enough. I also have an AKG C3000B, which I think is fairly flat.

In the meantime, I'll spend some more time with the VRM12 and let you know what I think. I did find an odd stand I had lying around that actually works pretty good with it.


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