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E-Drum kit suggestions


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I'm not a drummer. I finger drum pretty good on the keyboard and have long thought about an E kit. I have Superior Drummer 3 and wondering what Kit would be adequate. $1-2K. Thoughts??

la szum

I'm not a drummer. I finger drum pretty good on the keyboard and have long thought about an E kit. I have Superior Drummer 3 and wondering what Kit would be adequate. $1-2K. Thoughts??

I'd suggest a used kit, mesh pads are essential, brain with MIDI so you can send to DAW and trigger SD3.

Something like this is a steal (though I recall you being in Canada) given the quality you get for the price.



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I bought an Alesis Nitro Mesh kit, under $500. Had a friend who's a really good drummer set it up for me (pad orientation). He was actually surprised at the feel and impressed with how good the sounds were. Heads have adjustable tension/tuning that actually make a difference in how they feel and provides some acoustic feedback as well. Used it once with EZ Drummer, monitored in Ableton Live 10, and it worked like a charm.


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I got Roland TD07 KV.
Pads are great, internal sounds are crap. I use it with Superior Drummer 3 and it sounds great. I think if you want hardware module to sound anywhere close to SD3 you have to buy a flagship e-drumset from Roland which is ridiculously expensive .

If i would buy e drumkit again i would probably go with Edrumin 10. But TD07 is almost perfect, i only want to upgrade hihat to VH-11 .


I bought a Fame dd-one xt that is based on Medeli hardware.
12" Kick-Pad and Snare, mechanical HiHat.

My son in law is a Drummer and use a Roland with Mesh-Heads and also is suprised about it.
The sound module is OK and has good featrues but lousy sounds.
due to I only use it for controling Superior Drummer or Addictive Drums it doesn't matter to me.
Only difference is that the cymbal pads are better at the Roland Kit he admit.

Will Chen

Honestly...unless you really want to learn to play drums, I'd suggest just finger drumming. My e-kit is collecting dust these days.


We have a strike pro kit, use it live. Sounds fantastic on recordings and live, they did have some issues with hihats but that is supposed to be fixed in the SE. Has 8 individual outputs and we use those to make it easier to mix. When drummers in the audience realize we are using an ekit they are always surprised (just like the guitar players who realize we aren't using live amps).


Full disclosure - one of our sister companies is Alesis.

But I have an Alesis Strike setup, and I love it. Way better than the TD-20 I used to use.

I use it with BFD pretty much every day.


Power User
A little late to the party, but for what it's worth I've been happy with Roland. I went all in several years ago with a TD30 kit that I still have today. I finally ended up combining it with my acoustic kit for a "Frankendrums from the 24th & 1/2 century" kind of vibe a few months ago. The onboard sounds are okay, but you really open the possibilities with VST drums. For day to day use, I don't generally bother with firing up the VST, but it's crucial for recording.

I primarily use Superior Drummer, but there are many options out there. Roland offers cheaper options that still sound great and allow VST triggering, but you get what you pay for in ergonomics. The better and more "drummy" feeling (that's a technical term, don't trouble yourself...), generally the more expensive they will be. I'd start with one of the budget options that at least gives you the essentials - hihat, snare, kick, maybe a couple of toms and cymbals and a decent enough drum module that has onboard sounds/functions and also has midi output for VST triggering. You can always upgrade later if needed. If I was in your budget range, I'd go for something like this:


And in case anyone was curious, here's the Frankendrums in their natural habitat. It still needs some work before I'm happy with it. 1651144988362.jpeg
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