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Drop G Xenial Hip Hop Metal Nonsense But I Think It Sounds Decent



Here is a dropbox link if you actually like the song and want to listen to it in high quality: https://www.dropbox.com/s/do8ur2wqrfzy4t8/Die Alone.mp3?dl=0

I haven't uploaded anything to Soundcloud in awhile so I forgot how trashy it is for non paid users but here is the first full song I have recorded with the Axe FX III Mk I. Vocals were captured with the Axe from a Great River ME-1NV pre amp and a Shure SM-7B. The song is drop G 7 string non djent grove stuff. I generally don't djent. My leads are also pretty reserved because I'm a multi-instrumentalist person that never really excelled at any one instrument. I did play the drums via my E Kit. Bass is EZ-Bass because I'm bassless at the moment. I'd actually rather have a bass but it is tough finding an affordable bass that will tune this low with a good extended scale length.

I'm eventually going to record a video for YouTube that nobody will watch hahaha. The Drums are triggering SDX Darkness which I had another post giving away my mix.

The Axe FX III is truly proving itself to be a one person home recording behemoth and I'm happy with it. It's stable under heavy workloads as well which is something to say since my Helix Rack was trash effectively. I think the L6 drivers just didn't jive with my computer which doesn't make since since it was over Intel USB. The Axe though is solid and is working well for me.
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