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Wish drive pedal: Westbury W-20 "the tube" / Nady td-1


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I wont post settings or details on amps anymore here.
I was called a douce for that.
fine, your call - send them to me then :D my mail: torje_007@hotmail.com

or.. post them anyways. being called a douche changes nothing if you don't allow it to change anything. it's easy to get offended on the internet. put a video on youtube and wait for haters, check. see you've just got to realize than being called a douche is a part of everything on the internet. if you're not being called a douche then you're not doing it right, as in nobody is watching.

haters is a big part of the internet. people seem to love the hating. don't take it personal unless you get a threat and feel insecure about being confronted in real life or something.

I've got haters on my youtube channel, I don't take it personal, I can't, it would make me sad, lol.

you've just got to take it for what it is, like this ---> "oooh, a hater has left me a comment, how nice of him, let's see, yup, just the normal hate comment, oooh hater, you are a funny guy, I wish I could feel you passion for things, I hope he shares my video too with a random hate comment, that way he spreads the word about me and I get more views, hopefully from haters, because those are the ones actually bothering to share my video, maybe they're secretly my best friends?"

stuff like that :D

don't get all upset from single happenings, this is the internet. if you're not a grumpy cat people will hate on you. it's what the internet does.

why don't they just have hate bots? that way we will never know if a hate comment is genuine or not right? :D

welcome to the internet.

I've always wondered why Shawn Lane never shared his settings? his strings and picks sure, but settings? nope. he said "there's really not much going on, westbury and holmes" but his profex showed otherwise, strange. is it important to keep his settings a secret for the family? I would have guessed that he would wanted them to be shared, did he fear that people would sound like him? sharing is caring, everyone was saying how much of a nice guy he was, I doubt he really wanted them to never be shared with anyone, I mean what's the point? he wanted his tone to remain a mystery? that's fine by all means I've just never heard it from him, explaining why etc.

he did share stuff to a certain point, like his philosophy on pickups, he "leaned towards weak pickups because you hear more of the strings and wood" he said.

Why would the family keep it a secret? is it because since he never shared it himself he most likely did not want to?

I hope we get to see more dvds or documentaries about him, the world needs more of him.

Tex Axe

Cobrango I will see you around here im sure..

I should just leave it at that.
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Bumping this as it is the one thing I really wish for to be added into the Axe FX units... they are absolutely incredible as they are, but as a hardcore Shawn Lane fan, I would love to be able to find an easier/quicker path to getting some of the characteristics of his sound, which this pedal was pretty much the key... His tone before engaging the Westbury/Nady pedal was a pretty standard warm clean tone with a touch of breakup, but with this pressed on it turned into crazy high gain yet fluid and refined tone heaven.


Maybe a little off-topic, but that Nady unit sure looks like my Radial (Tonebone) Classic Distortion pedal, control-wise... it was part of my last pedal board prior to the AF2..

(It's a nice sounding pedal FWIW)
I just picked up an early Holmes Mississippi Bluesmaster with cab. I love this thing. It has a sound like no other. It is no wonder that Lane stuck with it. It is so clean that you can hear every thing played.
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